My Ibanez RG1570 started going out of tune whenever I would use the whammy bar. I figured it might have been because the strings are old, but I put new ones on, wore them in sufficiently, and it still goes out of tune every time I use the whammy bar. I checked out the stickied FR thread and can't find any problems with the set-up. The only thing is though, the bridge on my RG is at a slight angle, going into the cavity. Is this what is causing the problems?

Another thing - the fine tuners on my bridge barely do anything. Often after I lock the nut, the tune of all the strings goes a little flat. A lot of times the fine tuners won't bring it back into tune even after tightening them to the point where they can't be turned anymore.

Thanks in advance
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i had the same problem on my RG570, and realized when i had changed strings i didn't tighten down the nut enough. i just tightened it until it was snug, but my guitar wouldn't hold tune so i ended up tightening it a little more. don't want to tighten it TOO much because the screws can strip, but that could be an issue with your's
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If the bridge sinks back (as if you would pull up on the bar) then yes, it puts more strain on the springs/strings and makes it harder to return back to the zero point. Reset it, it shouldn't take more than 20 mins if you did it before.
Unlock the nut. Reset ur fine tuners. Make sure they are in neutral where you can fine tune equal amounts sharp and/or flat.
Try to get it as close to into as possible before locking the nut. When u lock the nut, turn the screws with ur finger tips lightly until u meet resistance. Then just do a quarter of a full turn. That should be tight enough to keep the strings in place without the risk of stripping the threads of the screws.

Make sure its the knife edges that are parallel to the body, not the bridge itself.
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You just need to get the bridge parallel with the body.
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