I don't know much about guitars, but I wanted to make some research before buying one + amp,do you guys have any recommendations for a guitar+amp for mainly rock\metal, price range max 600$? (for both guitar and amp)

I like bands like, say, lamb of god, BFMV, ATR, Metallica etc etc.
My last rig was an Epiphone Les Paul Special || (that sounded horrible and hat sharp frets)with this really old Peavy amp, can't name the model.

As of brands i was thinking about Jackson Ibanez and ESP, (unless you have a better idea, that is). if you guys know a good guitar+amp combination, i would really like to know.

Am not gonna buy a pedal, I'm on a budget. So amps with distortion are what I need.
that is, unless, I can use a POD xt (if its worth it in your opinion) without an amp, and hear stuff properly with a headset. (which i don't know and couldn't find an answer to that)

EDIT: Thinking about an Ibanez RG321MH and a Vypyr15, does anyone have any experience with either? or better ideas for metal?
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Can you be more specific, maybe give some band names????
Rock/metal is a very broad category.....

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well check into ibanez,schecter,esp/ltd,jackson

go to a guitar store and play those brands that are in your price range and see what feels right in your hands..there all very different (neck size,shapes,finishes,tremelos,feel in general)

by the way whats your current amp?

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Go to a local GC or music shop, and ask the guy what he has in your price range. Then play every guitar that has strings, see what you like back.
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williamdllr and Knightmare444, thanks for answering. I will obviously do that but I wouldn't want to buy something without knowing what I'm buying, this is the first time I actually buy my own guitar, any help here could save me time, money, and pain in the ass.
I would appreciate some recommendations from you guys, I assume you have more experience than i do.
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Are you going to need to buy cables, straps, picks, etc? Or is that 600 for just the guitar and amp?
Thats 600$ but I might be able to throw a few bucks in for picks and stuff like that.
I already have the cables though.
Not really sure what to reccomend to you on a guitar becauce that comes down so much to preference. But for an amp, i would look at Roland Cubes, Or Peavey Vypyr's... Back to the guitar. I would suggest you stay with a fixed bridge guitar for now.
Look at the Cort KX-5 or X-6 models (quite similar) as they tend to be great value for money and pretty versatile. Go with a Cube or Vypyr amp, whatever you can afford after the guitar.
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Yeah thats what the plan, I wouldn't want to tune it every 5 minutes... (IPlaySchecter)
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for a fixed bridge metal guitar in your budget the only thing i can think of with a fixed bridge that is a decent guitar is a Schecter Damien. Im sure there are others out there that are compareable. Maybe an Ibanez RG321MH?
omg i was about to suggest that one. but i was gonna say RG321. whats the MH for...
yea and after hearing a combination of both RG321 and a Roland Cube (on youtube tho ><
sounds badass. so in your opinion whats better, a Vypyr 15 or a Roland Cube 20X for metal?
The MH stands for mahogany. Im not sure what just the RG321 is made of? maybe basswood? I think the cubes are built better, the vypyr is probally more versatile. As for sound, thats a personal preference thing. I think they both sound really good for practice amps.
Actually after watching more vids i think my current combo in mind will be the RG321MH and the Vypyr, because it has so much more effects and options. I'm still open to suggestions though. Thanks IPlaySchecter.
I had an RG321MH back in the day. It was a solid little guitar. Eventually (just like every other other guitar in that price range) it will need a pickup swap. But the ones that are in it should serve you fine for a few years until you buy a better amp. I wouldnt even worry about the pickups right now if i was you though.