A Schecter Jeff Loomis C-1 7 String


a Jackson Kelly KE3?

Thanks, I saw both guitars, and I was curious how they played. I've not been able to try either.
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I have heard really good things about the Jeff loomis sig but i have never played one to comment on how it plays...

I have never played a jackson that i havent liked so far...

I dont see where you can go wrong with either one

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I have played a Loomis . All I can say is I want one bad. Hit up Mwoit on the 7 string legion. He has one.
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I own the KE3's cousin- the DX10DFS. Both have the same neck, and both have great playability. To truely enjoy it though, you need to like low action, and a flat, wide neck. The KE3 is a real, quality alder bodied guitar for the price- you really can't go wrong with the Jackson. The duncan designed pups are lackluster, but some models have the actual Seymour Duncans- which are well worth it.

However- I will warn you about the V shape. Most guitar centers have a KE3 in stock, so I would try one out to see if you like the V. The points of the V almost always chip due to knocking into things.

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