Hey all. Ive been eyeing the rg 350dx for bout 2 yrs now and havent seen a guitar quite as sexy as that which really makes me wanna buy it. but i just need some opinions about the guitar and if the edge III bridge is as bad as ppl say it is. i do tend to use the tremolo a bit and play mostly hard rock heavy metal such as iron maiden and megadeth and scorpions. im still undecided on an amp but anything to compliment a metal sound. will this guitar do???
I've had the RG350DX for... let me see... eight months now. Still going strong. Set-up when I first got it was a bitch, but Floyd Roses... they're just trouble in general. Still, very cool things to have, despite all the headaches they give you.

The tremolo hasn't conked out on me yet. I've been lubricating it with chapstick--old Satriani trick--and perhaps that's helped. I vary in my usage of it--just very light most days, but I've been known to divebomb to Hell and beyond, as well as lift my guitar up by the bar. I wouldn't do the last one if I were you. Popped a string twice doing that. If you balance the trem just right, though, you get back to zero point every time. That hasn't changed in eight months.

As for sound, the bridge and neck are very strong. The single-coil is good for clean tones, but the bridge/neck single coil sounds are just plain twangy. Not bad with some overdrive, but I stick mostly with the main three. As for metal--if you get the right amp and distortion, it'll suit.