Oh dude! Nice new Gibby. Love the finish. Goes all the way up the neck to the back of the headstock. Stop torturing me, show me the other side. NOW THAT'S SEXY! That body... such a sweet neck topped with a rosewood fingerboard. But what the hell... a black headstock? That's no way to top off a nitrocellulose finish!

Okay, so maybe if you get a black guitar, it'll match. But what the hell. Those purdy-ass Les Pauls with the flamed maple top and million different sunbursts are topped off with a black headstock. Honestly Gibson/Epi?!

I hate a non-matching headstock. I'd rather have a natural headstock over a black one. And here's what gets me the most, the finish covers all the way up to the back of the headstock. Why stop there?

Maybe I missed something somewhere about Gibby/Epi...

Care to share information on the missing matching headstocks?
Oh...I sort of see what he's saying. He's putting a rant where it should not be. He's talking about how Les Paul's don't have a body color that matches the headstock...and how that really ticks him off.
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Not just Les Paul's.
Flying V's, SG's, Dot's, Casino's, Explorer's, ES...

The Les Paul was just a good example. Those things are PURDY.

It's tacky to have a sexy finished guitar, and have a plain black headstock. Doesn't anyone think so?
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um, no I think it'd look tacky with a matching head stock.

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No, I don't have a problem with it. Its just part of the guitar and I like it honestly.

Although I have to say, the natural head on Tom DeLonge's sig looks really nice.
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um, no I think it'd look tacky with a matching head stock.

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matching headstocks only look good to me if it's on a highly figured body. gibsons look perfect with the black headstocks, i think. couldn't really see them any other way.

if you're interested in that body style and want a matching headstock check out warmoth. they can dye the headstock or put whatever wood you want over it.
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