HMMM well i just dicovered that my 6 scres vintage tremolo on my traditional series fender strat is.... well crap LOL. wel not crap buy my cheaper PRS SE tremolo y way better. i was wondering is there a way to make it work better or i have to replace it (not easy to find a replacement in my country)

any sugestion?
before you guys ask i want it to work more smothly for better vibratos and maiby be able to get it downer
You could try loosening the springs on the trem claw. This will make it easier to use the trem unit, but you don't want to loosen them so much that the strings pull the trem up.
Do you have it set up to float?

If you have it clamped back, you may be able to use less spring tension. Use just enough to hold it back, and it will move a lot easier.