hey guys i've been having trouble writing songs. i've been trying to write melodic metal stuff (metalcore, death metal, and hardcore) i have a great joy in a melody kind of like a riff i guess would sum it up for what i like in my music. but my problem is that i don't have any idea on how to create a song. i usually go at it with the thought "just play something till i get a good riff to build off of" i don't use chord proggressions, mainly because until this month i hadn't known any progressions and after doing my A.P. summer assignment and learned I IV V I and I vi ii V7 I (although im not sure if the second proggression uses that dominant seventh it may just be a V)

but even with those progressions i don't know how to combine them with inversions to make something different. by which i mean i don't know if in a I IV V I progression if i can use multiple inversions of the I chord before i do a IV chord or a V chord, if that makes sense.

sorry if i confused anyone but i really need a method of going about composing Melodic Metal in the veins of the genres i like. i used the lessons section to get some ideas, but unfortunatly they are very bad lessons in my opinion at least. i just can't figure out how to write a song without it eventually sound like someone else.

please help. thanks to those who do
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