i just need a few chord progressions that girls like
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theres a bunch of three doors down songs that chicks like. cant think of all the names right now, but there all pretty much the same.

be like that
away from the sun, etc...

if your a funeral for a friend fan, try juneau acoustic. its little known so guys could still respect you, and chicks would dig it too. its like an anti love song (like one by u2 - sounds like it should be a love song, but says eff you instead though not in so many words.....oh yeah, u2 - one, try the johnny cash version - its great for acoustic)

seether - broken. finger picked on acoustic will surely get you laid.
layla - Clapton (Acoustic)
Wonderful tonight - theres a kick a$$ version by some asian dude. forget his name off hand (stars with M - musaki or something) i found it in a thread a few days (maybe weeks) ago. should be in the first couple pages in this forum.

some of these are a little dated, as in i dont know what age group your trying to score with, but if you play them well, they should all work.
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i just need a few chord progressions that girls like

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Ov Bone and the Marrow

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Wonderwall by Oasis
Edit: Better yet... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5QCs3PnQBc


OT: Dude it's not about your guitar playing it's about your personalities. The thing you could do is play "I don't want to miss a thing" And replace some words to make it a little more cheesy