Has anyone else had any experience with any of the Samick Artist Series guitars? I recently bought an Sg and have gigged with it and I was surprised with it. It stays in tune and the pickups are hot and clean sounding. I searched for other threads but my internet sucks (Hughes Net dont get it). I thought the samicks were cheap guitars but i've done some research and some of these guitars sell for 200-450 dollars if anyone has any info could you please help me out.
i have a samick greg bennet acoustic/electric i love it i havent played a electric though i also own a samick greg bennet travel acoustic great sound and well made
samick makes guitars for several companies, i played a samick toreno and man that guitar sounded awesome, it was every bit as good as my schecter, it had a mahogany body, maple neck thru, seymore duncans, quilted maple top, bindings and inlays. it reminded me alot of my schecter but it was like 500 dollars new.
tobacco sunburst schecter c1 classic
black,with creme binding ibanez arc-100
fender,"ultimate chorus"amp