Just finished this up. I'm quite proud of it. I really like the vibe of Egyptian music so here you go. Hope you guys enjoy.

If you want GP4 up, simple ask and I will do it, and leave a link to your song in the comments for convenience purposes, please and thanks
Very cool.

Great job on the drums. The melodies throughout were fantastic as well.

The repeating E note on that one instrument bugged me a bit. It'd probably work fine in a real recording, but midi just makes it sound horrific. Same goes for the trem picking in the bridge.

Other than that, I felt it took way WAY too long to get into the heavy section. The song kind of felt like it was lagging quite often. It kept sounding like it wanted to shift into some kind of heavy or upbeat goove, but it took nearly 3/4 of the song for it to actually happen. I think it would really help a lot to add a heavy or just faster sounding section earlier in the song as well.

Other than that though, was great.
Thanks man. Is it the Shakuhachi you are talking about with the repeating E? Yeah, it does sound it bit odd, but I like it. It gives it this kind of off putting, yet interesting vibe in my opinion.
Very nice job.

All the transitions were good, and your use of "different" instruments was interesting.

I also agree that you need to add some heavier/faster parts early on.

Thanks for the crit on my song.
I have to say, good job with this one. I love Egyptian-sounding music too but people often butcher it. You, however, kept it great.

I'm afraid I disagree with icronic on nearly everything, lol! I thought that the shakuhachi's repeated E's sounded alright too, and that the song does not necessarily need more heaviness or speed in the beginning. I never felt like the song was lagging. I got the idea that this is more of atmospheric "music" rather than a "song," if you get what I mean. If this is what you were going for, then the heavy guitars are more of a bonus than the main focus of the song. I think more heaviness in the beginning would change what kind of song it is and maybe take away from that exotic vibe. I also thought the tremolo notes were good to build up to the heavy part you do have.

But whatever, those are just my thoughts. The drums and melodies were excellent. If you C4C my song's in my sig.