hey I'm trying to do this song by Rise Against and it has a pickslide thing and I have no idea what that is and in the recording it sounds cool but I cant figure it out for the life of me how to do it. I know I'm horrible


The / is the pickslide part...

Please help me out
where you run your pick across the strings like sliding the pick on top of it
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ah thats what I figured. I wasnt getting a similar sound might be cause my amp settings are wrong...or just the amp sucks.

well thanks for confirming that
are there any setting you can change on your amp/pedals to get a better sounding pickslide.....higher gain maybe??
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make sure you pick is at like a 90 degree angle to the string almost so it digs into it other than that higher gain does help abit

They probably edit the stuff in the studio to make it sound cooler anyway hahaha
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You get a better pick slide sound if you move the pick vertically back and forth rapidly as you slide down. Thicker strings work well too, and you really don't need that much gain to make it sound cool.
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yea pick slides are pretty hard. you have to practice sliding slow and hard. dont go to far up the neck when you slide because most riffs with a pick slide slam right back into it at the end of the slide
its all about the setup right?

the amp... the guitar.. the pedals...

all this is a contributing factor to a cool sounded pick slide... no matter how good ur guitar is... it wont be a cool pick slide without a great amp and pedals/effects...
if you're not doing it right it won't sound like it. period. you can do a pick slide without distortion easily, I do it on an acoustic
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I find you can't press down hard on the strings, only lightly, and put the pick at a little bit of an angle.

That's the complete opposite of what I do. Press down hard with the pick perpendicular to the strings.