This all started last week at band practice when the 6 1/4A fuse blew on my Mesa Boogie Stereo Simul 295 and i had to find a quick replacement before a gig the next day so i used a 7A fuse. Also when the 6 1/4A fuse blew my 1A fuse in Channel A broke and there's still bits of fuse in there so i had to now use Channel B. The gig went fine and the amp performed well at high volumes. Now at practice this week we got to the end of the 2nd song and my 1A fuse blew which didn't surprise me too much cause its happened before so i replaced it. It happened again after we finished the 4th song and there was an acrid burning smell b4 it blew. I'm not sure what the problem is. Also I'm not very knowledgeable about amps and i have a Marshall 1960 cab with 4 8 Ohm speakers, on the back of my power amp there are 4 ohm outputs and 8 ohm outputs for both channels. Should i put the speaker cable in one of the 8 ohm outputs or a 4 ohm output? Any help is greatly appreciated.
If your fuse keeps blowing, that's a sure sign you power tubes are dying.

As they get older output tubes need to use more and more current, until they're pulling more than the amp can safely provide.
thanks alot guys can anyone help me with the second part about the speakers and outputs?
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