Hey all, im in need of a delay pedal. so i 1st tryed the boss DD7 and thought it was interesting and good, but then i tryed the carbon copy and loved the sound. so i think im popping down the shop today to buy one for £119.

Is this the best pedal to get or is there anything else out there in that price range i should try first?

Also how does the digitech hardwire reverb compare to the EH grails?

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I'd get the EHX memory boy or toy...cheaper and better than the CC. Also check out the TC electronics nova repeater or delay or try to find an old mxaon analogue delay. As for the reverb, I'd say hardwire.
If you can wait a bit, the Malekko 616 will be a better and more versatile option instead of the CC.


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For the most part, the hardwire reverb and the ehx grails are totally different animals. If you need a versatile reverb, the only EHX options are the (i believe) discontinued Holiest Grail and the not-yet-released Cathedral.