missing gibson vintage.....sounds awesome even on a toyish strato replica
G string
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G string

G aswell! High five!

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Roland Cube 30x (New!)
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G aswell! High five!

Mine is in hot pink...Really love it!
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Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom
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ernie ball 11-48 (power slinky)
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I use the right strings for the job depending on the sound I want. any hex core strings are better for pinch harmonics. elixer doesn't make noise when slidding up and down. DR is really good for metal. ernie balls are really bright when there new but the brightness fades fast. I only use fender super 250's on my strat. cleartones sound great for a while cause of the thin coating.
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Earnie ball skinny top heavy bottoms.

And my favourite string? low E, the bass thundah!!!
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DBZ guitars, love'em. Especially their Les Piccolo model.
GHS Boomers 10-46

My favorite string is the G string, love it.
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After wasting my money trying virtually every type of guitar string under the sun, in all gauges, I eventually settled for plain old Ernie Ball Regular Slinkies.
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I've been trying some different brands over the last few months on my two strats and my tele, always 10 - 46 size. Ernie Ball seems to work really well on the tele, but nothing compares with Fender bullets on the strats.
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D' addario Jazz/Rock 11-49's with a wound g.

i love the low e and a.
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I'm currently using a custom Ernie Ball set, 11-52, on my Strat for blues and jazz stuff.
On the new guitar I'll be getting soon I'll just use the regular EB 10-46's, since I'll use it for stuff which involves more speed.
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Rotosound Yellows 10-46. Why? because they're the cheapest brand and come with an extra high E string.

EB skinny top heavy bottoms for my 6's 10-52, EB super slinky (hot pink pack) 9-52 for my 7's.
I prefer D'addario 10-46 strings.
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I've got Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkys on my SG. Love them.
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