Yo Luke 'ere,

'ere's my mix .

I was 'riginally goin' for a only Aussies thang, but I decided ta' throw 'n a coupla of internationals.

Not going to write anythin' 'bout them right now.

SEP 3 destöroyah
SEP 10 Kepulix
SEP 17 Vanshaya
SEP 25 destroy_techno
OCT 04 Webbtje
OCT 11 MoogleRancha
OCT 18 Cianyx
Vowels at the start of words is so cliche.
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Was trying to represent the typical aussie drawl. And no I'm not black. And this is a fairly common weekly thread.

And listen damn you.

Lol just listened to it, probably the ****test one ever.
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someone thinks they're black?
edit: what is this thread even about?

Not the brightest spark are you.

Dear god, Paroxysm are trying to be Machine Head
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Not the brightest spark are you.

Dear god, Paroxysm are trying to be Machine Head

Haha I never said that the bands would be quality
D: why wasn't this stickied, lols

also, destoroyah, we wait for thee (friday 9/3 is here!)
Bleh, looks like I would be the final act of the radio. Still trying to figure out what to play
| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ
if destoroyah doesn't go, I've had one made for a while I could post
oh crap, i forgot to post it.
but im busy moving out to uni today, mind if i post it tomorrow guys?

sorry fro letting ya'll down.
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thats no even close to an Australian accent
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I got a black Les Paul, and this Texan told me it wasn't as good as other color guitars becuse it was a 'nigger.'

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"Ok folks, our in flight movie will be a series of sex tapes your parents have made"

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I'd hit that like Carmel hits the ban button.
Just realized it's my turn now, I'll make one today or tomorrow
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