Hey, i'm thinking about fitting a Bigsby on an SG. Just wondering, what are the differences between all of the different ones. The B5, B50 and B500 would all fit it.
I think the B5 is USA made, whereas the B50 is made offshore. I'm not sure what's different about the B500 though.
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anybody have an answer to that?
i'm also interested in getting a bigsby for my epiphone g400 and i was confused by those too.
but i'm most interested in finding out what the b500 has that makes it different from the rest.
would i have issues with it on my g400?

and i ended up finding the answer.
more 0s=less price, lower quality.
B5 is american, b50 + b500 are made overseas and considerably cheaper. b500s go for like $20-50 used on ebay, b50's go for around $60-$100 and b5s are selling for about $100-$150 used.
Had the B50 on an Epi. Was pretty nice, but you gotta also go with a roller bridge and a graphite nut and some locking tuners to really keep it in tune. And you won't be doing any divebombs on it.
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i'm not a divebomb kind of guy.
i play some rockabilly/punk stuff and a little bigsby work is always enjoyed.
but yeah, the bridge and nut will be a pain in the but to get because i'm so broke.
anyone know where they sell them? maybe i can look into it and keep the opportunity open.
actually, guitar fetish has a chrome plated roller bridge for just over $20.
that's not bad at all. and graphite nuts are around $5.
used bigsby will set me back anywhere from $500-$100...
$125 max, that doesn't sound too bad to me.
it's a little on the steep side, but this backup guitar could make its way to my front line.
Yeah, sounds pretty cool to me.
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made it on Kisekae to see how it would look, and it looks pretty sick.
i'm seriously considering this now.