I'm looking to buy a Mexican made fender strat I've been checking local music shops, ebay, craigslist, and anywhere I can think of.

Anyways I ran across a guy who is selling what appears to be from pics a mint 05 HSS strat for 250, I cannot see any scratches or anything of the sort

Also in his post he is selling a Crate VFX5112 1x12 for 250$, from what I've seen these go for over 600$

Should I jump on this even though I'd prefer 3 single coils, Chance of reselling?
It'd be cheap enough to buy it and switch out the humbucker, so I say go for it.
Or you could try splitting the coil for now? Alot of people dont like it but tried it once and it worked out fine. Also, I think the amp i a decent deal, go for it man.