I finally have lemon oil (I have a rosewood fretboard), and was curious as to how to apply it; should I apply it directly, or put it on a rag or something? Also, when is it enough? Should I put on a thin layer, or will there be any signs? Also, as soon as I've got it applied and have restrung, can I immediatly start playing, or not? I plan on cleaning the fretboard with a rag before applying the lemon oil, btw.
If you are gonna clean it then apply the lemon oil i'd suggest applying a thin coat with a rag and waiting a little bit for it to set in/dry before use or you might rub off the oil. You also might wanna put more than one coat and let it dry between coats (you dont have to do this it just depends on how you want it to look)
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put the oil on the fretboard and use a rag to spread it around...then wait like 5 mins and put the strings on it and itll be ready. i use orange-glo.

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