What's the best Humbucker for a HSS Strat?

I am looking for something that would do a good job covering General modern Rock and Pop Music.

I am looking for something that can go from heavy to mellow. Think Bullet For My Valentine "tears don't fall" to lKings of Leon "sex on fire".

Most of all I am looking for a thicker sound. (more les paul)
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Yes I do have the guitar, but In general I do not like the pickups, already replaced neck and mid with lace sensors.
Personally, I would not spend a dime on pups until you get your amp sorted.

The MIM Strat single coils are actually pretty good for what you get stock.

That Fender should be a great amp imo depending on what you are playing. Which is what?

Get the amp, find your tone with that, and then upgrade pups.

Believe me, I've been there done that.

Otherwise, I recommend a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom TB11 trembucker pup for bridge.
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thanks, just out of curiosity, why does everyone always reccomend the custom custom? I thought that was a really trebley horrid pickup?