Ok guys, i'm looking to buy a new guitar, and after playing quite a few, i've narrowed it down to these two:

ESP LTD EC-1000 vb

I want the guitar mainly for playing music like Metallica, Trivium, BFMV, Atreyu etc. but also want to use it with my band which plays hard rock and we cover a few bands like AC DC.

So based off experience, or i guess personal preference, which would you guys recommend?

I've played neither,

But i'm biased towards the EX, just because explorer shape > LP :P
Yeah, i should probably add i already have an Epi Les Paul, so i was leaning towards the ex for the different shape... But i have played both and like them both, just want some more opinions on which is best before spending the money
I'd take the EC, but that's 'cause 1) I only have strat-shapes, and 2) I played one and it was absolutely amazing.
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Either, though the EC will be arguably of higher build quality (Korean made vs. Indonesian).
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No question at all. Unless you HAVE to have the body shape on the EX, just go and get the EC. Like, now. Just do yourself the favor.
Hmm. General opinion seems to be that the EC is better... I'll be heading to the shop tomorrow for a final look at both of 'em and then probably to buy whichever one is better for me, which seems to be the EC so far...

As long as i can play ma metal on it ...
I wasn't overly surprised with the EC-1000 I played at GC. The matte finish bugged the living hell out of me. YUCK.

But I mean, it's a metal guitar. You can get great tones out of it and the neck is 00B4R thin.
I played my friend's flame blue one and it was absolutely amazing.. I personally like matte finishes, tho, so I wouldn't find anything against the VB... but that's me
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Isabelle: Fender 50's Road Worn Strat signed by AutoVaughn
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Well i went to my mate's house, and he had an EC-1000, so i had another go, loved it, decided i'm gonna pick one up. So hopefully by tuesday i will have it :P

Thanks for the help guys
I love that color! Beautiful matte finish. I wish they offered that with an FR.
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well the ec-1000 is a step above the ex-401, both are amazing guitars though. However the equal les paul-like esp is:


So if money isn't an object to you, get the ec-1000. However, the EX-401 is a great guitar, and definitely worth the purchase, but its no doubt the 1000 is superior.
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I own both, there excelent guitars. my reccomendation however, if you go for the ltd explorer, is to track down the Ex-400 model, not the 401. The 400 series are Korean made, instead of indonesian, which means much better build qaulity.

Either way, you cant go wrong with an EC1000 too.
I love the VB finish. All class without all of that flamboyant abalone everywhere. If guitars were people, I'd think the LTD Deluxe series was compensating for something, If ya know what I mean
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EX401. I have an FX400 and it's amazing. Comfortable shape, despite what the looks may show.
I myself have an EC-1000 VB, and let me tell you, I love it.

When I was buying this guitar, I took the other models into consideration, and in the end, I decided to go ahead and buy the EC-1000 (was considering an EC-401, or trying to find the EC-500 which was discontinued and out of stock in most places), but I loved the VB look, and decided to spend the extra dough, just so that I'd have no regrets (short of being able to afford and ESP eclipse).
My next guitar will probably be the EC-1000 in VB. I played it at GC and fell in love. It's sexy, plays amazingly and sounds like a dream. 100x better than my friends Epiphone LP Prophecy at the almost same price!
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Well, my ec-1000 vb arrived And i love it :P

One question though, when i turn the volume knob on the guitar, i get a loud buzzing noise through the amp (i'm guessing from the EMG's) is this normal? :S
The buzzing, no. I bought a Ex-401DX and it is absolutely amazing! better than Gibson explorers I've played. I used to have a Les Paul, but screw it!
The buzzing does appear to have stopped now, though i haven't had it through my amp again yet, because it's too late, but on my headphones it was fine... So we'll see

Love the guitar though