I have about 300 US dollars or 210 Euros to spend on a bass amp. I'm not sure, if I'll keep saving up or if I'll buy in the near future, but assuming I have this much money, what would you recommend me? My guitar is an LTD M-50 and I also have an LTD B-50 bass. I want to use this amp for both instruments.

Mainly, I like to play metal like Forbidden, Judas Priest and Testament but I like playing clean licks and riffs,from any genre, a lot. In fact, I play more and more of those recently so versatility is important.

I don't play in a band at the moment, but I think I'll start doing that in the near future, so it should work for band practice (not expecting more with this budget).

Also, I heard that distortion on a bass amp might not work with a guitar. Is this true, and if so, are there any cheap distortion pedals I could get? Should I just save up more for now? My current amp is a Yamaha GA-15. My qualm with it is that it doesn't have a usable tone. I mean, it's hard to say if what I'm playing really sounds good or not if the tone is so poor. I'm sure you've all played through crappy amps once upon a time and know what I mean.

Anyway, I'll be testing amps at my local store, just so you know that I'm not buying online.
Why do you want a BASS amp for Guitar??

Get a GUITAR amp for guitar...

Perhaps a Peavey Vyper 75 for $300

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I just want to get an amp that's usable with both my bass and my guitar, one that hopefully sounds good too. I don't see what the big deal is, really. I just wanted some recommendations, and to know about that distortion thing.
theres not a whole lot of people that use a bass amp for guitar. The bass amp will just make you sound uber muddy considering the bass amp is made for the lower range, you'll barely get any highs at all
i suggest getting two amps. one for bass, one for guitar. your bass could blow the guitar amps speaker if its too loud and the guitar will sound terrible on a bass amp. save up and buy one of each.
by an old SF bassman amp. you can find them 300 sometimes, and you would then need a cab and decent pedal for your heavier tones. but it does bass sounds and guitar sounds superbly.
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Chea_man is the best.
If you can find one second hand (at a decent price), I'd say try to find a Marshall Super Bass or Bass Plexi, but for new, if you want a combo, the Ashdown EB180 is a nice combo & works pretty well with guitar, although you will want distortion for metal (wich normally you don't get on a bass amp) so I'd say invest in s Blackstar pedal of some sorts, they sound fantstic through pretty much anything.