As a tree, I grow contemptuous
Of the mighty, dense, and tall
Flimsy birch such as this one
Sway compliant in the breeze
But for a tree with sky-high dreams
This one must adopt unnatural ways
The hard, unyielding branches I desire
Weigh heavily against the listless breeze
And darken moods over parks and restful heads
Gentle caterpillars would care no longer
For my luscious, flitting fur
Stalwart now against the travesty of wind
And the tyrannous glow of sunshine
Which once quelled my uprising
But no more!

Were this one a metal tree
Born of factory, machine
Made of molten mould not to waver or to cringe
I would hold a form so awesome
That I'd call the clouds my home
And tremble! tiny slavelings
In my blinding winter glow
Where, menacing, I'd wonder how
My heart could wane so far
That the love of this great birch
Could drift to the wayside like
Leaden leaves of a great fall

No, this birch will suffice
To sway with the wind
Keeping true a tree not object
Growing real divorce from sin
But tin leaves I'll keep for grounding
And they'll whistle in the wind

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I absolutely loved this piece.
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