I have a 4x12 line 6 cabinet with celestion speakers, I want to buy a tube head, say Peavey, Mesa, etc. I don't have the budget to buy the matching cab just yet, so I was wondering if the sound would be good for now
It should sound fine, probably not like a cabinet loaded with Alnico Blues or V30's but it wont sound bad. The amp and guitar more important to the sound.
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Yes, but the sound is in your hands. A mesa through that cab would sound great. IF it has good speakers then it will sound good. A mesa through a mesa cab will likely sound better though.

My back up rig is a Traynor Tube Head through an old Line 6 1x12 and I get a great sound out of it.
thanks for the answers, I guess I shouldn't worry much then \m/
which line 6 cab, the cab that was made for the SV has V30s in it so yea its pretty good but idk about the cabs that were made for the spider III
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Just a note, My Mark IV sounds GOOD with my crate cab that has celestions and the same with my buddies Dual Rectifier.

Add a mesa cab with V30s and it changes EVERYTHING. Low end comes through much clearer, much cleaner sound. If you can't afford a matching cab you will still be fine with the line 6. When you do decide to upgrade.. phew