I've been using my current strings in my bass for quite some time now and so it's about time I bought some new ones again.
However, it's not just because their sound has become "dead", but also because (and this happens especially on the A string) even if the bass is in tune, some notes on the fretboard are out of tune, even if the open string isn't. Also, when I play an open string it rings wierdly, like it rings once and then again
Anyways, I'm just wondering if these problems are just because I;ve bene using these current strings for god knows how long or in fact there are other issues with the bass that need to be addressed? (I don#t want to buy new strings to find my bass is still messed up!)
sounds like the intonation is off

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its most deffinatly your strings

I wouldn't be so sure
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it's probably because the neck isn't straight anymore. I've seen it with some acoustic guitars, and maybe this could also happen to a bass guitar
Thanks guys. If it is a problem with the intonation, hwo should I go about sortign it out?
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Also, when I play an open string it rings wierdly, like it rings once and then again

Even when you don't have it plugged in?

Through an amp it means that the battery is running out.
If it's without an amp it means your strings have disproved the conservation of energy law.
are random frets along the string out of tune (like 3, 8, 16, random numbers etc.) or are they all out of tune?
if all of the frets are out of tune and either all flat (and to a greater extent with higher frets than with lower frets) or sharp (same thing) then try adjusting your bass's intonation: http://www.tunemybass.com/bass_setup/ and then go to the intonation section

and otherwise maybe if your strings have really really dirty patches that might be something..

about the ringing once and then ringing again...i'm not sure what you're describing but is it like you pluck it, it rings, and then it kind of chokes out and then starts ringing again? does it happen when you pluck softly? because it could just be that your action is low and when you pluck strongly the string rings normally, then hits the frets and kind of chokes out, and then when it stops vibrating so strongly it rings normally. idk if this applies to what you're describing...
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Its' pretty random yeh, and also it only really occurs on the A string, as with the wierd ringing problem. The way you described it is pretty accurate with the choking it out. I'll have a look at adjusting the intonation. Thanks!