So I was pretty amazed yesterday when I received this Tele copy from Rondo.

$121 shipped, and it is every bit nicer than any Squier Telecaster I've played, and, pups aside, one of the nicest tele's I've played.

Fit and finish is really quality (even though it's solid Alder but with a maple/rosewood neck), the frets feel pretty good and don't seem to need any work, and while it wasn't set up perfectly out of the box, for $109 I expected to have to put the thing together myself! So it was a nice surprise. I'll work on the action today, but it was correctly intonated.

The pups aren't great, but don't sound too bad on my little amp (VT-30), and frankly I don't mind this upgrade down the road considering the rest of the guitar.

I haven't seen a lot of info on the forum about SX guitars, but I'd heard so many good things I figured I'd give them a shot, and am so far glad I did. I have a 2002(ish) Agile AL2500 (P90's and pre-lawsuit body style) that I got second hand and it is ridiculously nice. I have wanted a Tele-style axe for a while, but right now can't afford anything nicer. After playing Fenders and Squiers at Guitar Center, I'd have to say that I would regret not having made this purchase from Rondo!

Going to look closer at their strats for a project.

Anyone else play an SX?
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