I guess if I had to compare it to anything, It'd be like something The Receiving End of Sirens would do. albeit not as amazing as they could do XD
Reminded me of Lostprophets at the end, not an influence by any chance?

I liked it, but I - VI- IV? You managed to avoid sounding to cliche thanks to the lead part, but I could see the progression coming from miles away.

I like the drum part at bar 58, keeps the drums from sounding to repetative.

The chorus lead could have been slightly catchier. No complaints for intro again. The break-downish part was good, but I dislike the way the guitar just stops. It can sound amazing when done well, but I don't think you pulled it off.

Not much more to say, except I really liked the outro. Everything feels like it was building up to that, and then just that little part to (I assume) use as a bridge into the next song.