i am in the process of buying a new guitar and at the same time i am considering getting a cheap distortion pedal as my funds are small and i can not replace my amp that has an overdrive chanel that i absolutly hate.
i have a budget of €40 which is about $58 us and £35, i am considering the artec soloist distortion http://www.artecsound.com/effect/index.html.
my current amp is a tenson scream 15. i am looking to play all types of rock, some metal and some blues which is primarily distorted such as seasick steve.
any recomendations or opinions are welcome.
If you've got a job, save up a little, you're probably not gonna get a pedal that you like well at this price. If you haven't got a job, second hand is the way to go.
I haven't heard of the tenson scream 15, so I can't judge wether this pedal will sound good on it, but the tubescreamer 9 turbo I really like.
don'r just buy a pedal because you have money, save up and get a decent one. or better yet, save up for a better amp.

i know it's hard, but it'll pay off in the long run, trust me.
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if u want to go dirt cheap just for now, iv heard great things about the danelectro black liquirish. maybe a boss os2? i had that as my first pedal and it was good for getting OD and distortion sounds for a wide variety of rock, but not too much metal. but for ur budget , u can probably get a black liq for metal and a cool cat drive for rock.

my best suggestion: buy some used pedals for now, and then when saving for a new amp, take into consideration how much u can sell these pedals for (about the same u bought them for). this way u can have what u want now, and its still money in ur pocket for a new amp when u sell em.
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dont get a boss os2, too thin for my tastes, then again i play tons of metal
just save up for a good amp, and play with ur bad amp for now
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