A note was brushed under the windshield wipers of my beat down car
And when I read it to myself I thought, "Oh god what have I done?"
The note was damp with tears that swelled up as you shared your inner thoughts
And my knees they quaked and shook as I collapsed onto the floor
The floor, the floor, the floor, the floor, the floor

And as I lay upon the ground, I contemplated to myself
Should I thrust myself back to my feet or should I lay here in a shell
Of all my innermost thoughts and fears that have slowly quelled up to the surface
So I thought at first maybe I should read all that this note says
Says, says, says, says, says

That's when you told me dear you thought my love would drag us to the ground
And within the longest minute of my life I didn't smile and I didn't frown
But I did find coincidence in that statement as I brushed off my old jeans
Seeing as your very words were the only thing that brought me to my knees
My knees, my knees, my knees, my knees, my knees

And as this facade continued I saw a familiar face was walking past
And I shivered with the thought of the author of this note approaching fast
I ripped the paper into shreds and picked up the remainders of my heart
And shoved them in the pocket of my pants and nearly lept into my car
my car, my car, my car, my car, my car

But your tapping on the window awoke me from my brief entrancing daze
So I slowly cranked the glass encasement down and we were face to face
You asked me quickly love, "Did you happen upon a piece of paper on your car"
I briskly shook my head and said my darling "It must have blown away"
Away, away, away, away, away

You grinned like a chesire cat, and said "Thank god, for I thought that I had lost
everything that was dear to me, but alas it seems that it was all just but a dream"
I felt my pocket and the pieces of your thinly veiled attempts
To break my heart and end my life were slightly touching finger tips
So I looked bewildered and replied "I'm not quite sure of what you mean"
And before you said a thing you kissed my lips and grasped onto my hand
then told me "Nothing, love, it's nothing just pretend I hadn't said
a single word" and then you turned away and walked back to your car
And left me to myself with the burden of this lie upon my chest
For now I must pretend that everything that you had always deeply thought
Wasn't in my head for every second of every minute of every day
Deeply ensconced upon my mind a simple fragment of a lie
A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie