So.. Here is my problem.

I have a Fender super champ XD amp that I bought 5 months ago. It worked perfectly fine with my Fender american Tele but I just bought a Schecter Tempest jerry horton tempest with Seymour Duncan 59' neck and JB bridge pickups.

Now this is the problem. When I play using the JB bridge with the volume on the guitar at 8,9,or 10 and hit some chords the power from the amp completely dropps off and slowly fades back in. Hit it again and same problem over and over. Pull the coil tap OUT and it works fine, switch to the bridge pickup coil tap in OR out and it works fine. With the volume on my guitar at 7 or below it works fine in ALL positions.

We plugged in 2 other guitars to my amp and they worked fine, plugged those same guitars into a brand new super champ in the store and they worked fine. plugged my guitar into the new amp and same problem with the power dropping off.

We then plugged a guitar with EMG 81's into MY fender super champ and with the volume on the guitar anywhere past 5 it was nothing but breaking up,crackling and static coming though the amp. Guitar volume below 5 and it sounded ok.

I then plugged MY guitar into a Roland cube and volume at all positions, in any pickup positiong all worked perfectly fine...

The guy I know that I got the guitar from thinks somehow the pickups output is too much for the amp or the tubes in the amp and are being pushed past their peak.

This is a really messed up problem that I've never heard of or experienced before but I just want to play my new guitar without having this annoying crap happening.