Ok, basically, I'm leaning the All That Remains song This Calling, and have it all down except for the chorus, which consists of strumming the following chords 8 times each pretty quickly (as eighth notes at 216 bpm if you must know).


So, the difficulty I am having is not in forming these chords so much as being able to strum them at speed. To do this, I'm not sure if I should be strumming up and down, or just all down. Up and down gives me the speed, but I hit other strings and it just sounds horrible. Whereas I can get decent accuracy with all down strums but not very fast.

Basically, how do I play these chords fast without sounding horrible. Is there a muting technique I am missing or something...
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first finger fifth, third finger 7th, and pinky ninth. Just alternate lifting it....and idk how you're supposed to hit that 12th, I consider myself a stretcher...but that's a lot. I can do it pretty quick if I strum up and down and just lift the pinky
Also, use the tip of your index finger and the underside of the other fingers the mute the strings not being played. That way, when you do alternare strumming, even if you hit the other strings they wont sound

But you really shouldnt hit the other strings. so practice slowly to gain the accuracy
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practice it real slow so you can do it accurately,then gradually increase your speed
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