i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on my next guitar.
I've narrowed the selection down to 3 guitars:
- Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster HS
- Fender MIM Telecaster
- Fender MIM Stratocaster
I generally plays blues and rock, if that helps.
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With these choices makes sure you buy one that you have played. It can be a gem or it can be awful. I prefer a strat, but play them, and see what suits you more.
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i think you should get a classic vibe tele, better then the vintage modified and a better bang for ur buck then squier.
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I would get the mim strat or tele. do you want fixed bridge or trem? If you want fixed get the tele. I would go with a MIM fat strat just because of the overall versatility.
Everyone sees Fender and immediately expects for it to be better, it's a shame. Well in your gear list you have a strat, im assuming of good quality because it was made in the 80's (JV, I think). So in this instance it should come down to the tele's so you have more of a tonal variety at your disposal, personally I say get the Squier. The QC and the hardware in both the VM and CV series always astounds me, whereas I've played some shocking MIM Fenders. Ultimately try them both out, there's always a gem to be found.

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I'd go for the MiM Strat, I have one and like it.
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best advice is to pick a mim over a squire all day. then you can decide if your a tele man or a strat man.
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I play a modified MIM strat, it serves me great. Howvere guitars can vary I would play them first if possible.
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best advice is to pick a mim over a squire all day. then you can decide if your a tele man or a strat man.

It's Squier, and some high end Squiers play better than MIM Fenders. Is Paco's workmanship that much better than Chan Li's? Also, I was looking at parts lists for Squiers (it's on their website), and a $110 Bullet Strat has a bone nut, which is much higher quality than most other guitars in that price range (dirt cheap Epiphones).
I've played a Classic Vibe Tele against a Standard and I have to say that in the tone department the Squier crapped all over the Fender. Personally I liked the feel of the Fender a little better (satin vs. gloss finished neck) and if felt MAYBE a little more solid, but if I were to choose I'm gonna say Squier here.
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If your new to guitar I would go squire, but if your decent, go MIM strat
I'd personally go with the mim strat I have one and love the bluesy sound i can get out of the single coils. Its also has a contoured body so its more comfortable sitting down. But if you want more of a twang go with the mim tele.