Alright, so I'm trying to get a file using Demonoid (*raises flameshield*), and once it downloads the torrent, it asks me what to open it with. I open it with Limewire 5, because it says that's the default, and from there it says it can't find sources. Am I supposed to let Limewire open it, and then let it find sources from there, or is there a better way?
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How safe is it as far as viruses?

It's a damn torrent application. It allows you to download files through torrents. What it does not do is look for viruses.
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How safe is it as far as viruses?

If you're worried about viruses i'd just stop downloading things illegally right now.
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Limewire sucks.

Bittorrent and uTorrent is way better. Plus you don't get viruses from the application but from the torrent itself....
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How safe is it as far as viruses?

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What this guy said. I live by uTorrent.

TS, this is good advice, I swear by uTorrent as well and it has never failed me so far.
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Just wondering, if I turn off the computer when downloading something on Limewire, will I have to start the download from the beginning when I turn it back on, or will it pick up where it left off? And is it the same way with Utorrent?