ok guys i need a setlist for a block party and im stuck on what other songs to do. I know it should go to the bandleading thread but im too lazy to look. So far we have:

1.Moby Dick
2.Another One Bites the Dust
3.In the Air Tonight
4.White Wedding

We're an 80's cover band. Help is appreciated.
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you should add talk dirty to me, smokin in the boys room, and maybe surrender by cheap trick

edit: you should do the waiting by tom petty too
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Quote by Guitarlord44
not a bad idea. i dont have a talk box though

Just have your singer make weird sounds into the mic.

Do a MJ Tribute lol
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do some INXS

Or actually... something I've always wanted to do was "Always Something There To Remind Me" by the Naked Eyes, like maybe a slighty more rock version... I think that would be cool