What the hell happened to his voice on the album The Sound of Perserverance?
It's so much raspier than on other Death albums and it's irritating me a little bit. So what's the deal? Did all the years from singing the bowels of his lungs catch up to him? Or did he choose to start singing that way? I mean, I'm not bashing the guy, Human and Symbolic are tremendous albums, and there are moments on TSOP where it fits decently (flesh and the power it holds). I'm just wondering why the sudden change in voice?
It's just a natural progression. His voice never sounded the same on any albums.
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You know about the huuuuuuuuge thread dedicated to Death, right?
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Dude, that happens to everyone. ESPECIALLY heavy metal singers, none of them keep the same voice if they've had a lengthy career.

Look at Destruction, Slayer, Kreator, Metallica, Megadeth, etc.
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This, Chuck was so much better than Dime.

I love the song, Spirit Crusher.
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This, Chuck was so much better than Dime.

What does Dime have to do with this ?