OK, do not have a heart attack guys of the UG.... I bought a Strat! Well, a Fender/Squire Showmaster. I got it for $100.00. It was in a little tuff shape missing two string blocks on the Floyd and two strings stung wrong, it was filthy and had stickers on the back but after cleaning it looked pretty good.

I fixed and set up the Floyd adjusted the action the only thing I need to get are the locks for the nut. It's not bad for what it is. The pups sound very good. A real big surprise. I took the out and they were both wax potted. The electronics sound clean no scratchiness when you turn them. The Skull and cross bone inlays look really cool as the skull and cross bone graffic on the body. Actually I have the Squire bass that matches this guitar one of the only reasons I bought it really. The neck I just don't care for not really sure yet what it is but all in all I feel I got my moneys worth with this my first Strat!


That's a pretty cool axe there, and for $100 - great deal...

BTW, this is not your first strat. Because it's not a strat. Sorry to burst your bubble..

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pretty cool for the money hngd
all I ever wanted was to pick apart the day
put the pieces back together my way
I couldn't find any info on it at all. Not even pics. There were some pics of Showmasters but just average looking ones.

Nice, looks like a strat I might actually wanna own (minus the skulls)
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That's not bad.Actually,that's a bargain.
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I kind of like the skull. I have skulls on a lot of my stuff but I can see what you mean. I lent my Squier bass with the same graffic to a friend while his was in the shop and he covered the skull with a static cling decal!

My friend has the matching bass. He would go ape***t over that. IMO Squiers make great back up guitars. They work fine in short burst but they don't handle having some mileage put on them.
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Thank's guys, I am no fan of Squiers or Fender guitars to be truthful but I have to say to date this is one of the best Squires I have tried the only one I have ever owned. To my amazement the LFR is staying in tune and seems to be really good for a LFR. I have been playing it everyday just to get used to the neck. I can't put my finger on it but it feels a lot different than the other guitars I have. The pups really surprised me they sound great if I ever get rid of it I think I'll swap the pups out with a pair of cheapies I have in my parts box. I still can't seem to be able to find any info on thsi model though. I am sure the neck is maple but not sure what the body is made of.