I recently sold my '73 Deluxe reverb and bought a Martin D-16GT. I love it and I don't regret it at all. This is my first acoustic, though I've studied music theory and played electric guitar all my life.
I just have a couple quick questions. I find that when I'm switching between movable chords and just brush my fingers on the strings to move up the neck, I get a LOT of noise. That squeaky noise of sliding fingers on the strings. It is way more noticable than on my electrics. I'm planning on recording some acoustic tracks with my singer very soon, and I really don't want this on the recordings. Is there a way to get rid of this? Do acoustic players have to take their hands completely off the fretboard every time they move chords up/down the neck? I hope it's just something that will go away as I become more comfortable playing the acoustic. Do you have any tips or anything? Maybe a string change will help? I'm pretty sure it has brand new elixers though.
Also I'm just using my electric guitar picks. I'm assuming those work the same. Will I get better sound if I grab some nicer acoustic picks?
Thanks. I'm a bit of an acoustic 'noob' but oh well
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You'll develop a lighter touch the longer you play acoustic, but it'll always be there to some extent. It's a part of the instrument.
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Welcome to the acoustic world!

As for the string screech, there's not much you can do. There are products that will reduce the noise such as Finger Ease, which is a string lubricant. It will not eliminate it completely though.

The screech is due to the windings on the lower strings being large. They kinda get caught on your finger and then make that noise when you move around. There's not that much you can do except maybe fret a bit lighter so that the string doesn't impress itself into your finger as much.

As for guitar picks, use whatever you like. Thicker picks like a 1mm will usually give you a richer tone than a thin pick. Personally, I use a 1.3mm(approx.) tortoise shell pick. The sound is just amazing.
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Thick flexible picks are great. Just, IMO, don't use Dunlop Tortex. Too rigid for acoustic play.

As said above, the string squeak does just go with the instrument. Can't get rid of it. You WILL develop a lighter touch and that will make it less noticable.
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fingerpicking is also something you should be interested in trying
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fingerpicking is also something you should be interested in trying

hell yea! i mainly play 6 string acoustics with fingers, when doing rhythm parts i use my thumb and index(helps to have at least a bit of fingernail growth IMO), where some would just use a pick, that way my fingers are free and ready to finger pick out everything else. but for 12 strings fingerstyle doesnt work well with me so i use a pick for those beasts!