im looking for a 15 watt amp,as big as im aloud for home practise, that has good cleans and takes pedals well for around £150-£200 i play mostly metal and hardrock but the distortion is all through pedals, are they any like this. thanks
I'd look for a Used Fender Blues Jr.

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I have a Fame GTA-15R. I play mostly hardrock and I also enjoy metal (but I usually don't gig playing metal, just hardrock). When playing at home I don't go past 1.5/2 in the volume knob, but it has a good clean headroom.

All of my distortion comes from pedals (mostly Line 6 Dr. Distorto and Über Metal), but the amp also has a very nice overdrive if you wanna slip into something softer.

Take a look at MusicStore's website:

Oh, and it's an all tube amp too!