Hi guys!

I'm looking for a good cheap bass. I'm not going to be a super active bass player, I just want to record my songs and I thought getting a bass would be more worth the money than an octave pedal.

I will be recording straight into a Line6 POD X3 Live.
Sorry that I really don't know much, but from what i understand a J-Bass has a thinner neck so maybe the transition would be easier?

I'd like to keep the price under 450 dollars.

Thanks in advance.
Correct, a J-Bass would probably suit your hand more, I know when I started playing bass, i was borrowing an old Precision copy and it felt like a log in my hand.

I digress, You can't go wrong with the Squier VMs, they are of far higher quality than their guitar counterparts, and in my experience are adequate for gigging and recording. There are also some Ibanez models with thin necks that are of assuredly high quality, but I am less familiar with those. I think the GSR200 is the starter bass I'm thinking of but I could be wrong.

But if the bass is going to be defenitely for recording you may want to invest in a better instrument, in which case you should look at some second hand fenders.
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Squier VM Jazz fo sho mofo

I do like that one and the price is good too.
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I do like that one and the price is good too.

Go and try it. Then buy it. Or steal it. Either way problem solved.
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I've got a Peavey Millennium, the necks are great.
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jazz bass.

t-bird is muddy inversatile, and reminds me of emo chicks.

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The VM does look gorgeous. I would like to have one in the future. Some people closely compare them to Fenders too. So for the price it's definitely a solid peice of wood.

I was going to get a peavey millenium (but I got the Cirrus BXP).

I'm assumming because the millenium isn't a J bass means that it would have a bigger neck but people seem really interested in it. You get a lot of bass for the cash but it's pretty easy to find bad quality control reviews about the millenium and it's setup (but this might not be a problem, you might get one that's fine and if not you might have experience at doing 'set ups').

The VM is cheaper too and personally I think that it would be easier to sell than the millenium if you ever decided you didn't need it anymore.
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