So, right now i have the possibility to purchasing a fender jazz bass (japan non-export) or a warwick corvette standard for almost the same price (around 800$), and im having a really hard time choosing between the two. I have tried various fenders in stores and loved the tone tone and feel, but ive never tried a warwick in person and havely only heard them off youtube videos,and thouhg i like the fender look better i like the tone of it just as much. I play a lot of variety, though for the most part classic rock, alternative rock and blues. I know what bass you buy is pretty much your preference, but any advice, or possible weighing of pros and cons would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Currently I own a MIM fender jazz and a corvette standard. Both are incredibly versatile basses that will sound good in pretty much any scenario.

They feel VERY different though. The warwick is one obese motherf*cker with a baseball bat neck, and on the other hand the jazz neck is one of the thinnest and fastest I've ever played. It took a bit of getting used to, but now I absolutely LOVE the warwick.

You really should try them both because they feel so different. I would definitely go with the warwick, but that's just me
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If it were up to me, I'd go with the Jazz.
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jazz bass.

t-bird is muddy inversatile, and reminds me of emo chicks.

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