in January this year, my cousin gave me her old electric guitar. a had already been playing bass for 2 years and just got a guitar for Christmas so this guitar was left unused for a while. the guitar itself was in a rather bad way. the regular strat style bridge is actually floating atm. i had to re wire the electrics and install humbuckers for a "HSH" type of configuration. anyy way getting to the point i want to install i Floyd rose style tremelo on the guitar. i know it needs routing so i would like to know if any one knows a site with a good printable routing guide so i can do a good proper job on modding this guitar to a fairly decent standard? any tips on doing the job would be appreciated
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Google returned these results.

Top template for the route.

Site for the other template info.

Also have a look here

You need to make a template out of something like 1/4" plexiglass or 1/2" plywood to use with the actual router. Thats what I did anyways.
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