Alright well this guy might sell me an amp, and he possibly might want me to trade for my guitar on top of some cash.

We're probably going to do the cash part of the transaction on escrow, for the trade part i have no idea.

Does escrow also do trades

Or whats another easy way to trade?

Thanks in advance.

in person, but if you cant meet in person idk
yeah, craigslist dealings are usually done in person. is that not a possibility in this case ?
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in person is usually the best way. i've done a ****load of trades off of craigslist and paranoia has been there always. just meet the ppl in public and be on your toes.
i had a similar transaction a few months ago. i had a guy with the amp i wanted contact me from Cali. he wanted to trade his amp for my guitar. since i had plenty of online trade referances and he had none, I insisted that he would ship first and once i recieved the amp i inspected and tested it. then i immediately went to Fedex and shipped the guitar. the key to it was good communication.

ive actually used this method a few different times. IMO its the best way to CYA.
Craigslist should be face to face, but I traded guitars on another forum a while ago. Ship on the same day, exchange tracking numbers. If he misses the shipping date or doesn't send the info, cancel your shipment. Check references prior to shipping
pak1351 has the method I use. Ship usps, trade shipping the same day, call by home phone and check out their info on google. If they don't give you a good # cancel the deal. Also go by the usps and ask them to run the # in their comp and give you the weight and dimensions of the box. A lot of times you can catch a scammer based on weight or box size. Though I've heard of people opening guitar cases just to find weights.
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