So, I've seen a lot of live bands, and they all seem to wear these really dark pants, not quite denim, but not leather either.

Example: The pants Adam Gontier (singer) from Thee Days Grace is wearing in this video .

They look kind of like dickies, but I looked on their website and they didn't have anything close. Does anyone know of a brand or a store that sells pants like these? I've looked at Hot Topic, all they have are the stupid looking pants with the 500 straps and buttons and stuff all over them. I'm not looking for skin tight emo pants either.
They are prob. just jeans in really dark coloring.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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www.ccs.com has a lot of the trendy stuff today that people wear

it's a skateboarding site it's almost all clothes now.
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I thought this thread was gonna be about pantsless people


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I thought this thread was gonna be about pantsless people


it's the only reason i opened this thread.
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I wanna know too.

EDIT: It's denim.
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