Does any one know, or have any idea of how much the new ESP V-ll due this fall will cost? Thanks.
I don't know but it's going to be very expensive... The prices on ESP guitars in the UK and European countries alike are set so high they're retarded.

Last I check for a MH-1000 in Sweden and they wanted the equivalent of 1800USD. Hell, the guitar goes for 800USD in the US. In the UK it's the same idiot price -.- Don't understand it, really

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It's an ESP so its gotta be expensive in the first place, ands its a new guitar so double the expense!

I'd say around 1500 quid mate. I want one!
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You could probably find something almost exactly the same for like half of the price.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
I'm gona say nearer £2000
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this guy works for ESP
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Don't hate! ESP makes great guitars.

I do agree that the prices in europe are rather krazy. In ye olde USA, I got my EC-1000 for $750.
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looks like i am going to be spending more than i was hoping to do, ah well there is all ways haggling, lol.