I am the one playing guitar
This was recorded on my 5th day playing guitar
and the singing is bad, no need to say that
I just wanted to post here to record my progress at guitar

today is my 9th day playing though but posted this late
but yeah let me know what i should focus on improving
There's not much to say. The song you are playing is relatively simple (but seriously, good job for just having started playing...keep it up!) so I can't get much of a bearing on your technique, or lack thereof.

Few tips...

1.) Refer to the sticky in this forum and in the Musician Talk forum.

2.) Read "The Crusade" article in the "columns" section of this site.

3.) Eliminate as much excess motion as possible in your playing. Never strum or pick with tension. Always try to play from the wrist and you will be fine.

4.) ALWAYS KEEP YOUR THUMB BEHIND THE NECK WHEN PLAYING. Your range of motion is increased, and you will be able to form bigger chord voicing as time goes on. Don't imitate Jimi Hendrix, with his thumb wrapped around the neck.

5.) Keep playing and never stop.
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My advice:

In the start work on your technique so you never have to correct it years later, it's a pain!

Practice a lot, everyday, and never quit! Good luck!
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