Hey guys, I've found my sisters old keyboard and want to learn how to play it. So I was gonna go get some lessons but I've already spend most of my money (I'm 14) on my guitar lessons( and I really don't want to stop learning guitar xD). I was wondering if they had any of you who knows any piano lessons dvd's (like Metal Method for guitar) . I'm really in to old rock music and some classical music xD. And do any of you guys know of any good free piano sheet site to learn piano/keyboard because I couldn't FIND ANY ON GOOGLE.

P.S. I'm really sorry for my spelling/grammar errors
www.musicnotes.com is handy when you just need the jist of things. Basically, the easiest and cheapest way for you to learn is to adapt your guitar lessons to the keyboard - learn the notes, learn the chords, and start hammering away.
Thanks timbo xD. But I can't play guitar with music sheets only with tabs... And do you know any good books to teach you how to play piano xD?
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I can vouch for this one , I haven't made it all the way through since I mostly just muck about on my keyboard but it does make the "play different things with your left and right hand" concept achievable!