Now, I got into guitar music with help from BB King, so I've always had a latent blues thing. Since I saw Buddy Guy last year, I've been desperately trying to cultivate that side of my taste, to compensate for the Guns N' Roses part - just not as classy. Recently, I've gone on a blues CD-spree. Well, three. I also downloaded some Robert Johnson, simply to see what all the hype is about. And I still don't get it. I don't think it's what Clapton says, that its too "intense" (can't remember if that's the exact quote, haven't read the book in a while). I just, dunno, apart from on Crossroads and Sweet Home Chicago, I just sort of lose interest. Key to the Highway annoys me a bit, it all sounds... wrong.

So now I feel like a bit of a moron. I'm not trying to come in here and call all of my idols tasteless idiots, so clearly, I'm missing something. Is there any way y'all can open my eyes?

Also, who's next in the blues line-up (not including blues-rockers)? I own CDs by BB, Buddy Guy, and JLH - I think I'm gonna go for Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf next.

Blind Willie Johnson
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Why, my pasty danish cracker, I believe you've got it!
no one gets robert johnson at first, i don't think.
but it is really amazing music.
howling wolf before muddy
skip james
reverend gary davis
i got all kinds of names tucked away

and ****in' Lightning Hopkins
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no one gets robert johnson at first, i don't think.

speak for yourself

not everyones likes Robert Johnson

I'm guessing it's hard for you to be interested in because you're used to perfectly mastered tracks with good studio editing and lots of overdubs. With RJ, all you're hearing is him playing live. When you think about it that way, he was a ****ing good player. Some of the rhythms hes playing are really difficult to sing over, and he was singing and playing at the same time, while mixing finger style blues and slide.
Since I saw Buddy Guy last year,...

I also downloaded some Robert Johnson, simply to see what all the hype is about. And I still don't get it...

That's like going from Deep Purple to Bach and asking why all the hype about Bach.

Quite possible you missed a few episodes in between.

You gotta connect dots, who influenced who for it to make sense.
So I kinda have to do a Time Team dig thing? Start on SRV, then go to Buddy Guy, then BB King, then JLH, and keep digging, only going to a new artist when I've gotten used to the previous "layer"?

Good to see a fellow Genevois about. Not that I'm Genevois. :P
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Key to the Highway annoys me a bit

Whee did you find a clip of Robert Johnson playing KttH?
Ah. It's possible that I downloaded it off Limewire with some ****ty tags. Is there a way I can email you the version I have?
You listened to 'Preaching Blues (Up Jumped The Devil'? That song is probably my favourite is his, the guitaring is brilliant.

But definitely go for Howlin' Wolf, especially listen to 'Smokestack Lightning'.
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Ah, sorry. It was Hell Hound on my Trail. To be fair, he drops the "p" off "keep" in the first line... so it sounds like Key. And... Hell looks like "Highway". So really, I was very close.

*runs away*