Hey, I want to sell my maverick X-1 for about £130. I live in Harlow, Essex, so you know how close you are. It's in reasonable condition but not amazing which is why I only ask for 130. Any questions feel free to ask! I will put a couple of pictures up tomorrow. Thanks!
Don't think so man, I'm looking to get the money so I can perhaps buy an Ibanez art 320 (Y)

I'm pretty much still a beginner at guitar so just looking to get a new guitar that will last me a long while. Wherabouts do you live?
Ahh that's not too far!!! Well I don't think I will trade mate, but if your interested in buying just let me know!! Thanks!
Ahhh really need to sell this to get a new guitar, is no-one interested in this guitar for only 120?????