i need to replace all the tubes in my power amp. There are 4 Mesa STR-420 6L6 GC's, 4 Mesa STR-440 EL-34's, and 4 12AX7A tubes. I bought this amp very used about 3 yrs ago and this is the first time I'm going to be changing the tubes, and probably the first time they have been changed, I just don't know if i should use the same tubes to replace the old ones because I've never heard the way it originally sounded or if I should use other brands to replace them.
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that sounds like an odd tube count. what amp is it?

It's a Mesa Boogie Stereo Simul 295. I don't have the amp with me at the moment so I pulled up the operating manual online and that's how many tubes we're listed in it.

sacamano79 eurotubes.com

Dude, email the guys at eurotubes.com with your amp model and what sound you are looking for. They reply ridiculously fast, are incredibly helpful, and think outside the box.
yes, eurotubes is good place. i like jj's so it was natural to go there for me. but he does just pretty much deal in jj tubes. i am not a big mesa boogie fan, but i do believe their brand of power tubes will switch out without any biasing needed. i want to say that is true(kinda like how fender used to color code their tubes so you could order the same spec of tube and replace them without rebiasing). this would save you time of putting the amp in the shop for rebias.

you could also go fancy with the tubes and get some sylvania's, rca's, mullards, etc. i like old tubes, they are just great.
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