What do you people think of the new VOICE CAPO?

-Personnally i think its a great idea but, i think its the start to something i dont like to much. Things like this are going to takeaway from the normal free handing, then some artists will use this then it will be harder to tab and so on.

-Over all its a great idea!


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I thought you were talking about something that grips your balls and the more it's tightened, the higher the pitch of your voice...
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Would be useful if you play slide guitar in open tunings and you want to move from standard tuning to open or a variant.

Looks like **** though.
Thank you everyone who has replied i will contact them and tell them what others think about it so they can you know, make it better!

( please feel free to leave any more replies those still count as input to the company )
Ask me about my Fender Stratacoustic for sale!
I wouldn't use one. It takes up too much fretboard space. It looks like it would make your guitar extremely neck heavy as well and my SG's balance is ****ed up enough.
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sweet! now i dont have to learn guitar anymore!

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Wow. Just found this thread and I kinda got beat up here! I have to say this is not really the typical response I receive when I show my invention. I usually get a really positive response, especially from performing artists, recording artists, and song writers. I think the negative feedback on this thread may stem from a lack of understanding about what Voice actually does. Let me help clarify.

Voice is NOT an E-Z Chording device. It was not designed for beginners, although it can function as a learning tool.
It does not replace learning scales and chords, rather it can make learning easier and more fun.
Voice's main function is to extend creativity in intermediate and accomplished guitarists. Voice does this by allowing you to play in open voicings, which is like open/alternate tunings, without re-tuning.

Although it is described as a Capo, Voice is more of a creativity tool, where a capo is more of a utility.

I have a lot more information on the web site in the FAQ section:


Also, I should also let you know that I designed, created, manufactured, and am now marketing and selling Voice all by myself. Even the website.
(I outsourced the mold creation and assembly to a company in Northern California.) Made in the USA

Voice is my dream come true. I had a vision for something that I thought would be really cool, and I made it a reality. I was able to combine my love and passion for music, with my engineering and computer science background.
I invested a year of my life and my entire life savings to make it happen, and I'm super psyched that a lot of people have found it cool and useful as well.

So if you dismiss it for what it is, then that is your prerogative and I respect your opinion.
But please don't dismiss it until you really understand its function and potential.

If you are in love with the guitar like I am, you will love Voice.

All the best.