I've been looking at a load of reverbs. I want something that I can get pretty subtle, I don't think I'd ever have it set with the reverb dominating over my guitar sound. Which pedals are any good and which should I avoid?

I've been checking out clips of everything and at the moment I like the T-Rex Tonebug reverb and the Malekko Spring Chicken. The Spring Chicken is about as rare as hen's teeth here in England though, so which other pedals might be nice?

I was originally set on a Holy Grail, but I've gone off the sound a bit. Another option is the new Memory Boy, but I don't know how well it would pretend to be a reverb if I set the repeats fast.
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Digitech Hardwire reverb is meant to be pretty good
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spring chicken without a doubt. you live in london so you can get it from vintageandrareguitars since they stock malekko pedals. it's the best quality on a budget i guarantee you.

Thanks for that link. I may just go with the Malekko then! I didn't notice the expression pedal input till now either. I can see myself making the most of that feature.
Quote by nightraven
spring chicken without a doubt. you live in london so you can get it from vintageandrareguitars since they stock malekko pedals. it's the best quality on a budget i guarantee you.


the SC is def quality at a great value. also, what is your budget like? there are more great options out there, but they can rise in price pretty quick (t-rex roommate is maybe my favorite reverb ever).

I'm not in the mood to make this into a fight, so i'll try to keep this peaceful...

unless you can think of a very specific setting on the verbzilla that you want and/or find very useful for your style of music, do yourself a favor and keep it off your board (or loop, whatev). it's a tone killer, eating away at your extreme high and low end frequencies. Despite popular assumptions, once those frequencies are gone, you can't just slap an EQ behind it and boost it back up... kinda' falls into the same territory as the compression wars or volume wars (whichever you've heard them referred to as) and why digital music sounds like **** compared to pretty much any hard format.

The Holy Grail actually is a really great sounding reverb, but be warned: it requires an isolated output. If you can't provide that, then expect the HG to give you headaches.

clips are on youtube somewhere of EHX's new reverb, the Cathedral, but I can't give you any real detail into that product. others have expressed interrest for whatever that's worth.

There is absolutely no reason to buy a hardwire reverb. it's true bypass... great... it already sounds better when it's off. someone once made a claim on these threads that they were using lexicon reverbs in that thing. I can more or less guarantee you that those are not the Lexicon reverbs I'm getting out of my rack. it sounds (literally and figuratively) like a gimmic, throwing lex's name on there to pump up sales... whatever. use your ears when/if you take one on a test drive. you'll see how failing it is. I actually preffered the old digiverb to the hardwire... which should be a good indicator of how god awful it is.

alright, what else... so, if the hardwire is a sinking ship, Boss reverbs are the captain of that ship. same tone suck as the verbzilla, except worse, with fewer options and a comparable pricetag.

tech 21 is a solid reverb. I'd put it as a close 2nd to the spring chick in terms of quality for your money.
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I'll second the VerbZilla for experimental value. It is capable of sinking low in the mix like you ask, but if you ever feel the need to volume swell and soundscape, it has you covered there too. I personally think that there's no point buying a pedal which doesn't do much more than a half-decent amp reverb - you never know when your tastes are gonna change.
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My budget is actually about £100, so I'm stretching it pretty far for the Malekko, but if it is as nice as you lot are saying maybe I should just give it a go.

Thanks a lot for the reviews of all the pedals Grisky, that clears up a lot.
Agreed with Grisky on the T-rex and tech21.
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